A part of the game

A part of the game

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A part of the game

Malleshwaram is known for its old-world charm and good South Indian food. To cater to different communities from across the country ‘Cafee Funny Bunny’ was opened with a concept of food and games under the same roof


And this come at a reasonable price. 

Cafee Funny Bunny has a unique ambience which gives a different feel to customers. Colours like green, orange, blue, white and wooden fencing makes one feel energetic. 

“Funny Bunny means you can have fun with games like Xbox, PS3, airhockey etc. Bunny relates to food.  Bunny is a funky, crazy character who always runs for food after he finishes playing games. His appetite increases when he plays the games,” says, Mahesh Surasgar, the owner of the cafe.

The place has a comfortable atmosphere for families to hang out.

 Moreover, children can indulge in food over games. This café caters to all age groups from the age of six. Affordability is the main attraction of the cafee. 

“Many college guy guys and IT professionals feel happy to come to our cafee because its pocket friendly restaurant with all the luxuries,” adds the owner. 

Their menu includes some delicious Italian pastas, Mexican sandwiches, super cheesy yummy burgers that leaves you mesmerised for the rest of the day and to quench your thirst you have divine milk shakes and cold coffee. Also, there is a spread of thin and thick crust pizzas. 

The menu is specially designed by chef Rudresh who has worked with Le Meridian, Lalit Ashoka, FUGA and has also worked in Germany for three years. 

According to the owner, their signature dish is ‘Lilly Put’ pizzas starting at Rs 39 which is made of fresh dough with added milk.