Fight for power in Virajpet TP ends

Fight for power in Virajpet TP ends

Fight for power in Virajpet TP ends

Virajpet Town Panchayat members M K Poovaiah, Maria Sequeira, Tara raising their hands during no-confidence motion against President K Kanthi Belliappa. DH photo

In between, the no-confidence motion mooted by JD(S)-Congress alliance has won. MP H Vishwanath voted against no confidence motion. All the eleven members have voted against no-confidence motion. After the meeting, Vice-President B K Chandru took charge as the in charge president of TP.

As per reservation, JD(S)-Congress alliance member Maria Sequeira will be elected as the president, announced member M K Poovaiah.

Speaking on the occasion, Maria said “I am an aspirant for the post of President. I will contest the election.”

Earlier, before the meeting, President Kanthi Belliappa said “human relationship is permanent.

However, power is not permanent. As a president I have worked for the welfare of the Town Panchayat. I do not know why no confidence motion is moved against me. In this background, I have decided to tender resignation.”

She handed over resignation letter to in charge officer and left the meeting hall. Along with her, members Suresh Appaiah, H K Savitha, Umavathi , B P Somanna also left the hall. Later, meeting was chaired by MP H Vishwanath. Along with MP, 11 members voted against the motion.

JD(S) member S H Mainuddhin, S H Mathin, Maria Sequeira, Jareena, P A Tara, Congress members M K Poovaiah, V K Sathish, B K Chandru, Kausar, B M Kumar, M Katti Poonaccha voted for motion. Congress member Mandanna, nominated member Asha Chinnappa were absent.

The proceedings of the no confidence motion will be send to Deputy Commissioner and High Court, said Chief Officer.