ABVP targets live-in relations, 'love jihad'

ABVP targets live-in relations, 'love jihad'

The ABVP will tell girls to stay away from live-in relationship as part of its campaign in university campuses on women’s safety. 

‘Forced conversion’ will also be part the campaign which the RSS-affiliate Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad plans to launch on October 7, but it is likely to refrain from actually using the controversial term ‘love jihad’. 

Talking to Deccan Herald, ABVP leaders, however, insisted that `love jihad’ was a reality. “Cases of love jihad have been reported from various parts of the country, such as Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala,” the national secretary of ABVP, Rohit Chahal, said.

The campaign will also talk about live-in relationship as being against the Indian culture, he added, claiming that it leads to many problems in society.

The ABVP said the two issues will feature in the nationwide campaign on atrocities against women, which will focus on topics such has female foeticide, domestic violence and drugs. 

ABVP national vice-president Mamta Yadav said the issues of ‘love jihad’ and live-in relationships had prominently featured in their national workshop for girls in Lucknow, held in August. 

“These are part of ABVP’s national agenda on women’s safety,” she added. ABVP leaders said there were increasing reports of ‘love jihad’ cases across the country. The alleged phenomenon, where Muslim men marry Hindu women in order to convert them, is part of “bigger strategy”, according to Yadav. 

“We are not against love or people getting married according to their preference.  But we are against hiding identity and forced conversions,” she said. 

Almost 5,000 units of the student organisation will form human chains to raise awareness about  atrocities faced by women.