Ramlila organiser pulls out gun, creates panic

Ramlila organiser pulls out gun, creates panic

Hundreds of people who were enjoying the Ramlila in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar town were shocked when they suddenly found a man brandishing a loaded pistol and asking them to be disciplined.

The  incident occurred at the Ramlila being organised at Patel Nagar locality in the town on Friday evening, reports said.

The convener of the Ramlila, Anil Aron, was said to be upset over the noise by the crowd at the function.

Reports said that there was a huge crowd at the Ramlila venue and Friday being the day of Dussehra, the people, mostly women and children, were a little too boisterous.

After repeated attempts to silence the crowd failed, Aron suddenly jumped on to the stage with a revolver in his hand. 

“Maan jao nahin to theek kar doonga” (heed our instructions else I will set you all right), he was heard telling the crowd.

Brazen display

The brazen display of a firearm at a religious function triggered panic and many people, especially the women and children, were seen trying to leave the venue in a hurry.

Fortunately there was no stampede.The incident was captured by local TV channels and the footage sent the police officials into a tizzy.

“Such brazen display of firearm is illegal. Any thing could have happened there,” said a district police official on Saturday.

Police said they were investigating the matter.“We will take stern action against the organisers if the report is found to be true,” they added.

Police officials were at a loss when asked why the cops who were present at the function to maintain law and order did not take any action against the offender.But assured that the laxity, if any, on the part of the cops would also be looked into.