'840 Gram Nyalayas will be set up across country'

'840 Gram Nyalayas will be set up across country'

Speaking after inaugurating the State Notaries Convention-2009 organised by Karnataka State Notaries Association here on Saturday, he said cases should be disposed within 6 months.”

“Justice should be delivered within 15 days after the trial and inquiry process gets over. Elaborate plans have been chalked out to bring changes in the current judicial system. Institution of judiciary is the essence of modern civilisation. Indian judicial system is the best and largest in the world. Dynamic society needs a change. Change of the system should help in change the mindset of all persons working in the system. Micro-level amendments yield no result unless the impact of the changes makes difference in the system, he added.

“The cases which have been pending for the last 15 years should be disposed within three to four years. National Arbitration is being created. National legislative policy will be introduced for making quick disposal of the cases. Judges Accountability Bill is introduced in the next session of Parliament. This will replace Judges Arbitration Act, he said.
“Changes in the legal education system is the need of the hour. Reforms will be introduced in National Law Universities. The available number of Law Universities in the country is not enough,” he added.

He informed that Commercial Court law is passed by Lok Sabha and is currently before the Rajya Sabha. Rather than creating hue and cry over corruptions, it is better to introduce a system to curb it. Senior citizens, widows and disabled persons should be given priority in the courts, Moily said.

Loakyukta Justice Santhosh Hedge said attitudes in the society needs to be changed. Society treats wealth amassed through all the means with equality.  Recognition of wealth should be in the person’s character not in his bank balance. Unless attitudes of the people towards society changes, the situation never changes, he added.
High Court Judge Javed Rahim, Advocates S S Reddy, Shymala Bhandari, Prabhakar Hegde and others were present. District president M A Gafoor, MLC Prathapchandra Shetty, Pramodh Madhwaraj and others were present.