Inspired by history and literature

Inspired by history and literature

Odissi danseuse

Meghna Das, a member of ‘Nrityantar Odissi Dance Ensemble’, has been doing her bit to popularise the odissi dance form in the City.

 She  started formal training in odissi at the age of four, under her mother Sahana Das, an experienced odissi dancer and choreographer. Meghna was part of the Nrityagram classes and had trained under senior dancers before joining ‘Nrityantar Odissi Dance Ensemble’.

“Dancing is everything to me. It’s my passion and I would never give it up for anything. I’m inspired by my first guru — my mother. I’m also inspired by some of the amazing dancers that I’ve seen. I’m motivated by our history, our literature and the amount of talent I come across everyday in so many people,” she says. 

Meghna describes odissi dance as the one with the most unique music and costume. “Its postures are statuesque and the dance is very lyrical. What is typical of odissi is the fluid torso movement and strong lower body and footwork. It really is one of the most beautiful dance forms,” she says. 

She faces a lot of challenges in her profession. “But if it’s something you love and truly makes you happy, you will find a way as many successful and inspiring dancers have. I look at them as examples and hope to find my way as well,” she says. 

Meghna is overwhelmed when strangers compliment her performance. “When I perform overseas, and someone who has never seen odissi or understands Indian dance, tells me that my performance touched them, that makes me proud and happy,” she says excitedly.   

When asked about her take on odissi dance in Bangalore, she says, “I think there are a lot of wonderful dancers in Bangalore. Some of the best senior gurus, teachers and dancers in India have practised and taught here and continue to do so.

 At the same time, there is a lot of room for younger dancers like me to learn, attend workshops etc and even explore our own work. Across classical, contemporary and experimental dances, there really is a lot of talent in Bangalore. It’s amazing to be a part of that.”