Besotted braveheart and miserable maiden

Besotted braveheart and miserable maiden

Kannada (U/A) ¬
Cast: Dhruva Sarja, Radhika Pandit, Dattareya, Ravi Shankar, Sudharani, Avinash, Srinivasmurthy, Achyut Rao
Director: Chethan Kumar

Bahaddur is sickening. Legitimising stalking, in the guise of comedy, Director Chethan Kumar gives one goosebumps. 

Teasing, taunting, short of torturing their heroine, Chethan with Dhruva, hits the depths of depravity. If this is entertainment, God forbid. 

That wanton violence, giving scope to Dhruva’s moniker — Action Prince, was not meat enough, Chethan & co, cross the moral Rubicon, depicting stalking as cool in courtship. 

While one appreciates films are flight of imagination providing entertainment to masses, surely, this is no means to make moolah.

 Bahaddur, which takes one on a tour of various cities of State — Madikeri, Mysore, Mandya, Bangalore et al, besides Malaysia and Dubai, is about Ashoka, who swears that love is true path to matrimonial bliss. 

The other spectrum, you have Anjali, pledging to dad dearest that the boy he arranges she would wed. 

How a besotted Ashoka,  agonisingly stalks a distraught Anjali, as you squeamishly watch, till she veers around to the idea love could happen, forms the putrid plotline of Bahaddur.

 Another track has Appaji Gowda seeking Ashoka’s head for bashing his brother to coma, and Anjali’s father fixing her marriage, for that climax. Bahaddur doesn’t merit another word on it. 

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