Clubs may be asked to treat, reuse water

Clubs may be asked to treat, reuse water

Top clubs in the city may soon be asked to treat and use water on their premises on the lines of about 30 five-star hotels which have saved about 30 lakh litre water in the last one year.

According to the environment department of the Delhi administration, the success of the scheme launched with the help of hotels has encouraged them to examine the possibility of involving large clubs in the green initiative.

Last year, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee had made it mandatory for all hotels to treat water. “The outcome after one year is encouraging,” said an official.

After the government’s advisory for treatment of water, all the hotels had joined hands to collectively adopt the green measure to save Delhi’s depleting groundwater table.
“One of the hotels had offered to share its expertise with others for installing water treatment plants,” said an official.

The environment department issued green hotel guidelines in 2012 with the aim of laying down the parameters for saving water. This was followed up with a memorandum of understanding with all the hotels, highlighting the five key focus areas of the water treatment agreement.

The highlights of the MoU were installation of water treatment plants, solar water heating systems, reuse of the treated water and conducting water and energy audits on their individual premises.

While extending the water saving scheme to clubs, the officials are trying to include a top club in the heart of the city which had faced action for operating unauthorised borewells.

“We want to first encourage clubs wich have enough space to install water treatment plants. Many of the top clubs in New Delhi area have the space and the money to do so,” said a committee official.

The environment department has been pushed to save water in the city by the National Green Tribunal and a water expert from Gujarat, Babubhai Navalwala, who has been roped in by the administration for water conservation.