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Ramayana comes alive here

Koppal district was created in 1997. This district was the ‘Kishkinda’ of Ramayana age. Shabari vana where Shabari waited for Lord Rama, Pampa Sarovar, Vali Khilla, Vali Bhandar and as described in Mahabharata, the place was called Indrakeela Parvatha where Arjuma performed tapasya (penance). 

The Pampa Sarovara of Anegondi, a place of Hanuman and Goddess Pampambike, has reference in Skanda Purana. All these places of Koppal district have historical importance.

Lord Ranganatha Temple, Huchappaya Math, Ganesha Temple, Watch tower, Old Palace, New Brindavan and Durga Temple in Anegondi are the most interesting places. The great poet Ranna, has made the name of Koppal and Attimabbe immortal in his great work, Ajithanatha Purana.

Anegondi in Gangavathi taluk of Koppal district was the first capital of Vijayanagara Empire and therefore popularly know as Mother of Vijayanagara Empire. 

There is difference of opinion regarding the name ‘Anegondi.’ Some scholars believe it to be ‘Anegundi.’ Gundi means a large crater. According to them, it was a place where captured elephants used to be tamed for service during the days of the Vijayanagar Empire. 

Gonda or konda means hill, which became gondi after long use. Gondi means a cleft or cleavage, a corner or narrow passage among the rocks. So, Anegondi may be interpreted to mean a narrow cleavage in a hill. It is appropriate that an area covered by hills all around be called Anegondi.

Even after Vijayanagar Empire shifted its capital to Hampi, the Narapathi Samsthan of Araveedu family ruled Anegondi till 1948.