Marriage of convenience ends in 8 minutes, groom paid Rs 100

Marriage of convenience ends in 8 minutes, groom paid Rs 100

It was a marriage that lasted merely eight minutes as the bride fled with her lover after that. Lucknow police were investigating a bizarre case of marriage of a rickshaw puller with a woman, who was a complete stranger to her. The newly married bride gave a tip of Rs 100 to the unsuspecting rickshaw puller and then fled with her lover.

The bizarre incident occurred in Aliganj locality in the state capital a few days back at the Arya Samaj Temple.

Rickshaw puller Ram Karan, a resident of the neighbouring Sitapur district said he was approached by two motorcycle-borne youths, who took him to the temple on the pretext of offering him some work.

“They took me inside the temple where a girl in bridal attire was present. There were also two lawyers. The youths gave me Rs 100 and asked me to marry the girl,” Ram said.
“Though it seemed odd but I agreed to marry her,” he said. The marriage ceremony lasted about eight minutes.

Ram said almost immediately after the marriage ceremony was over, the youths took away the girl leaving him and the priest shocked.

“There appears to be some conspiracy. We are trying to get to the root of the matter. We are at a loss to understand as to why the rickshaw puller was made to marry the girl,” said Aliganj station in-charge Shyam Babu Shukla on Monday.

Police said a preliminary investigation has revealed that the girl was already married and was a resident of Barabanki district.

“A missing report has been lodged about her with Safdarganj police station in Barabanki,” the officer said.

Police had launched a massive manhunt to nab the girl and the youths, one of whom was said to be her lover.