Catching the action as it happens

Catching the action as it happens

Innovative path

Catching the action as it happens

Have you ever wished you could live-stream a karaoke night or a party where your favourite band is playing?

Are you tired of being crammed into a tiny room with strangers, while a cloud of smoke hangs in the air and the noise level is unbearable? 

‘Beam It Live’ is an online start-up that live-streams music events so that people can watch them as they happen from the luxury of their home. The innovative idea was started by Gaurav Bora a month and a half ago.

 “I have never been into partying and I would always stay at home when my friends would go out. I would always think if only I could see the place I was going to. People have that fear of the unknown, and when I realised there are more people like me, I wanted to help them,” he says. 

How is ‘Beam It Live’ different from any other events that live-streams its show? “Not many do live-streaming of regular events. Whoever wants to showcase their work may do so by contacting us and we will arrange for it,” he says. 

Although, they are currently hosting only music events in Bangalore, Gaurav plans to expand to all kinds of events in the major cities across the country. According to Gaurav, live beaming is the ‘next big thing’. “Once, I finished my engineering, I decided I wanted to work from home.

 I started a restaurant in Koramangala but that didn’t work out. By the time, I thought of doing home delivery of groceries, there were already more than 15 such services. I realised no one had ventured into live-streaming and I shouldn’t be late in getting into the game.”

He thinks the era of the new media has begun. “When we were in school, people used to watch only television. Then, during the IT revolution, people started using emails and computers more often. Now, although television is still popular, new media has risen in rank. But soon, the two will be equal and television will be obsolete,” he says. 

Although, faced with some challenges, he says they are managing well. “The main thing is that we must have a fast internet connection to stream the events. But people will be online more often, so the speed will improve and the cost will reduce,” he says positively.  

Each time there is an event, they have about 500 to 600 people logging on which Gaurav says is very encouraging. “Hopefully we will be able to start live-streaming everyday!” he wraps up. 

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