A kaleidoscopic view of life

A kaleidoscopic view of life


Colours dominate her paintings. Small boxes coloured in vivid shades when looked very carefully present a subtle images of human figures and two-dimensional pictures of different shapes.

Such is the work, intricate yet intriguing, of this 23-year-old Chennai based artist Pooja S I. Inspired by the kaleidoscope, a tube-like toy that you look through to see different patterns of light made by pieces of coloured glass and mirrors, Pooja has to tried to create the same magic of movements on canvas and quite impressively. Her work ‘Intercepting Kaleidoscope’ is on display at Lalit Kala Akademi.  

Speaking to Metrolife, the young artist said, “Kaleidoscope creates beautiful forms, patterns and colours. I was impressed seeing it in an interesting manner. It brought me with the creative thinking to paint an abstract painting.” “As we rotate a kaleidoscope, a colourful visual pattern is created. Through this exhibition the viewer also enjoys the movement of the coloured glasses and mirrors on the canvas,” says Pooja about her work. 

A Masters in Fine Arts from Mysore University, Pooja is quite enamoured by the kaleidoscope and has exhibited her work under different titles – living in Kaleidoscope, abstraction, dimension and fantasies of Kaleidoscope. 

 “When I say living in kaleidoscope, I mean I am a part of it too. I enjoy by seeing myself into it. Therefore, in the painting I have represented myself along with the other elements. While in abstract form, I thought of making my canvas a replica of kaleidoscope. I have used my own thoughts and creativity to bring that abstract painting alive.” 

For this she cut the coloured sheets into different patterns and arranged it in unique patterns to give a certain depth to the colours and overall look of the painting. 

Following her creative instincts, Pooja also tried to fantasise about this colourful toy without any hues. “A kaleidoscope is colourful, but here I thought of doing it in monochromatic or something that has not been created so far,” says Pooja.

She imagined a kaleidoscope of being bland, colourless, and created a work which had layers of black and white colours creating an illusionary effect. Through colours she has tried to add dimension and depth to her work.