Barcelona offers Delhi tips on smart services

Barcelona offers Delhi tips on smart services

Spanish city Barcelona has invited Delhi officials to take part in a global exhibition on smart cities and carry back tips that could speed up the capital’s stride towards an infrastructure overhaul.

Chief Secretary D M Spolia and his team have been told that the event will help them study the facilities in Barcelona and learn about the urban infrastructure services offered by Spanish companies.

The three-day exhibition – October 18 to 20 – is billed to offer Spolia enough opportunities to look for investors and private players who could give Delhi an international touch. “The stage through which Barcelona passed before attaining the smart city status will also be showcased at the event,” said an official.

He admitted that the Spanish firms seemed interested in getting a foothold in Delhi and corner a share of the business pie which the aspiring smart city is likely to generate for global players.

The invite sent to the government also pointed to the opportunities the exhibition could through up during discussions with the private companies.

Research institutes and professional agencies specialising in sewage treatment, public transport, pollution control, housing, urban development and water supply are also going to participate in the event, the Spanish hosts said.

Spolia is also a part of a four-member group formed by the Union Urban Development Ministry for finalising the blueprint of developing Delhi into a smart city.

He has also been asked by the Union government to give by October 15 his opinion about what could be the starting points for providing smart facilities.

Unplanned growth in unauthorised colonies, poor waste treatment, depleting water table and pollution are some of the major challenge for city planner who want to match global cities like London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.