SP continues attack on Modi, says PM not concerned about poor

SP continues attack on Modi, says PM not concerned about poor

SP continues attack on Modi, says PM not concerned about poor

Persisting with its attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Samajwadi Party today alleged that he was not concerned about the poor and only focused on the capitalists.

"The prime minister's work is to serve the people of the country but the present prime minister when touring US or Japan, talks about trade and on coming back to the country talks about brooming," SP leader Shivpal Singh Yadav said on the three-day-long ninth national convention of the party.

"He talks of snatching the work of the poor.... this is a clever prime minister who speaks lie," Yadav, a cabinet minister in state, said, adding the party faces a challenge from the cunning and the capitalist people.

Yadav was speaking on political and economic resolutions of the party.

Yesterday, Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav in his inaugural speech had also attacked Modi government's silence over repeated Chinese intrusions.

"Jo garajte hain, woh baraste nahi (Thunderous clouds do not bring showers). China is intruding into India border again and again. Boundaries of the country are not safe, China has always betrayed India. Why this government is mum on the issue of China," Mulayam had said.

The Samajwadi Party supremo had also taken a dig at Modi's 56-inch chest remark saying that "it needs a 56-inch chest to criticise us (SP).

Shivpal Singh Yadav also exhorted party workers and leaders to take a resolve for making SP a national party.

"Go back from here with the firm resolve... if we who have such a big organisation, good policies and backing of the good work done by the state government since the past two years.. and all remain united no one can stop it from becoming a national party", he said.
"If the leaders, national ones and others come out and take responsibility of one district and area each, this target can be achieved," Shivpal said.

Elaborating on the work done by the state government, he said people want to get connected with the Samajwadi Party but the need is to take the good work done by us and our policies to them.

The minister, however, cautioned the new entrants into the party of aspiring to get high posts and called for a change in this attitude.

Stressing that the state government has also come down heavily on corruption and dishonesty, he said that sometimes the officials do not listen to directives given to them and in such cases there is a need to "tighten some screws"