Get glamorous this Karva Chauth

Get glamorous this Karva Chauth

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Karva Chauth is one festival that every married woman looks forward to.

From choosing the best of garment to applying the perfect make-up, they strive for perfection. 

Make-up artist Samaanta Dwivedi shares few tips on how one can make their Karva Chauth stunning and memorable.

*Stick to the classics or don’t: Red has always been believed to be the colour of a married woman. Also, red is a classic when it comes to Indian festivals. When you pick your sari or salwar suit, keep it a shade of red that you adore and feel comfortable carrying. But feel free to experiment with the drapes, cuts and embellishments to give this look your own unique touch. If you don't want to get lost in a crowd but intend to stand out, choose from shades of pink, mauve, gold or any colour that looks rich and grand. 

* Create the perfect base: Remember, Karva Chauth is all about looking elegant wit­hout having done much. So start with a base that is the co­lour of your skin tone and blend evenly to keep your sk­in looking flawless. Use a co­ncealer (only on are­as req­u­ired and not all over the fa­­­ce) for your under-eye circles and blemishes. If you skin le­ans towards the oilier side, pat on some compact powder.

n Use bright lipsticks: Go for a deep, luscious and glo­ssy red lipstick if you are wea­ring an outfit in shades of red, gold or green. If you choose to wear outfits in shades of pink, purple and blue, apply a gorgeous shade of pink on the lips!

n Keep your eye make-up simple: With a mouth so bo­ld and heavy, you should stay away from doing eye ma­­­­­keup which will also scr­eam for attention. Opt for simple gold eye shadow ins­tead of deep and smudged smokey eyes. Liner is a must, of course, but load on some mascara for that doe-eyed effect.

n Add some blush: A whole day of fasting, not to mention the hassle of planning the event can leave you lacking a little colour. Pick a shade of blush that works best with your skin tone and brush some on in upward strokes to give that pleasant glowing touch to your skin.

n Accessorise: Karva Chauth is the best time to bring out your maang tikas, bangles and earrings. One of the most impressive looks is staying away from wearing any necklace other than the ornate mangal sutra, paired with huge, statement earri­ngs to set it off. 

n Pick a hairstyle that’s quick and easy to maintain: Something like a bun will wo­rk the best, especially with some gajra to add a traditional twist. A bun keeps your ha­ir out of your face but still lo­oks pretty and elegant when done correctly. If you think that’s a bit old fashioned for you, then try pulling the hair of your crown back in a clip and letting the rest flow onto your shoulders.