Jihadis made calls all over country, says Bengal CID

Jihadis made calls all over country, says Bengal CID

The widespread network of terror operatives, who were holed up at Khagragarh in the Burdwan district of West Bengal, has been nearly proven.

 State CID officials said they have traced phone calls to several parts of the country made from the blast site and believe the links are spread all over India and even across the border.

The CID officials in Bengal claim that Rajira Bibi, one of the two women arrested at Khagragarh after the blast on October 2, made calls to her contacts in Jammu & Kashmir. While this has prompted investigators to explore whether they had any connections with Indian Mujahideen, similar calls were also made to Mumbai and Tamil Nadu. Most of these calls lasted around a minute but never went beyond the two-minute mark.

Shakil Ahmed, the bombmaker who died in the blast, and others present at the Khagragarh house exchanged a number of calls to and from J&K, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu just 48 hours before the blast. Most of these calls were made from two SIM cards, with one SIM card still remaining active,  Deputy Inspector General (Operations) of CID, Dilip Adak told reporters.

While sources said that Rajira used around 10 SIM cards to make calls to Bangladesh, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and J&K, Adak pointed out that the investigators are yet to lay their hands on these SIM cards. “We’re now almost sure that Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen of Bangladeshi was involved, with both Shakil and Rajira being its members. We’re trying to find out if Indian Mujahideen also played a role in this,” he said.

The sleeper cell came to light after the blast took place on October 2 at a house at Khagragarh in Burdwan, possibly when the bombmaker was tinkering with an improvised explosive device. The discovery of the cell has opened up a Pandora’s box, with links between the Burdwan operatives almost established with various terror organizations and possibly even with al-Qaeda. 

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