'I'll sing anything that's interesting'

'I'll sing anything that's interesting'


'I'll sing anything that's interesting'

Shreya Ghoshal

Dressed in a peach coloured gown and with minimal jewellery, Shreya Ghoshal looked elegant. Her beautiful voice adding to the charm.

Twenty-five-year-old Shreya has won 27 awards. She says her mother was her first guru. “When I started speaking my first words, I simultaneously started to sing as well. My mother used to sing a lot and I grew interested in it gradually,” she says.

Shreya started learning Hindustani classical music at the age of seven in Kota, Rajasthan under Mahesh Chandra Sharma. She now loves to sing all kinds of songs.

She says, “I do not restrict myself to romantic songs alone. Though I love singing romantic numbers, I love other songs as well. I am fine with both peppy and sad songs.”

“I will sing anything under the sky as far as it is interesting. I also see that the song touches everyone’s hearts. One should feel like dancing when one listen to it,” she smiles.

When asked how she manages to sing in languages she does not know, she says, “I get it read out to me. I write down anything which has to be presented in a different way, I usually write in Hindi and understand it. I also try to get the feel of the song, I try to understand what it means.”

Her favourite musician is A R Rahman. She loves to travel to any place where there are lovely beaches. If at all she finds some free time, she loves to, “Chat with my friends and try to catch up a lot on what I missed out during my busy schedules. I also read a lot.”

On fashion, she says, “I am not a very fashionable person and I like wearing casuals.”
About this City, she says  “Bangalore is a cultural hub, here tradition and culture mix well. The audience accepts all kinds of good songs, the people are fun loving too.”

More recently, Shreya has lent her voice for movies like Three Idiots, Veer and Chance Pe Dance.