Today's letters

Today's letters

Telengana agitation

The Telengana agitation evoking resignations by  the MLAs and MPs with goons taking the law into hands has put Andhra Pradesh on boil.   The bungling in handling the Telengana issue has caused extensive damages on the law and order front in the state.   Having succumbed to the pressure tactics of K. Chandrasekhara Rao, the announcement of separate statehood by the centre for Telengana state not only backfired at it but also created host of problems.   Now the centre is faced with the problem of tackling the resignation threats by the representatives of people.   The centre in the present situation is left with no alternative but to keep the Assembly in suspended animation and work for the constitution of second States Reorganization Committee to look in to the demands of leaders clamoring for division of states.   Creation of more number of states would have telling effects on the economy of the nation as a whole since a number of offices and courts,  have to be set up.   The inter-state disputes on the sharing of river waters and the demarcation of boundaries will be on rise.   Separate statehood should be given only in cases where it is absolutely necessary.   In other cases, utmost attention has to be paid to develop the neglected regions and quell the agitation diplomatically.

K.V. Seetharamaiah

Eschew violence

Those agitating for the creation of the state of Telengana should realise that violent agitations are counterproductive. Setting vehicles, buildings, and shops on fire and using brute force against elected representatives have no place in a democracy. In fact the leaders who are spearheading the Telengana movement should reach out to the other regions of Andhra Pradesh and convince them on the need for a separate state. If these agitations continue and if the elected representatives go on a resigning spree, the centre will have no choice but to impose the presidential rule in the state till such time violence and agitations stop.

D.B.N. Murthy

Unity of people to protect the country

I refer to the article " Muslims and reservations " ( DH Dec 24 ) by Firoz Bakht Ahmed which is full of information for reforming the mindset of politicians who are only cheating the country by their determined effort to enforce quotas based on religion and caste. Religon and caste are to be observed only within four walls of houses and place of worship and not in politics and administration. What is to be paid attention in administration and politics is education, ability to work, loyalty to the country and patriotism.   It is realy a wonder how retired judges Sachar and Ranganath have proposed reservations for Muslims when poor people can be found in all religions.   Firoz Bakht Ahmed  has rightly said quotas are only being misused by undeserving people.  Quotas only divide the country into different religions and create conflicts and conspiracies, destruction of unity among people which only helps politicians to enjoy power. Such a situation only gives room for external enemies, terrorists and internal traitors to make hay while sun shines.

B S Ganesh

Mere eyewash

It is reported that 50x80 Sites have been alotted to ministers, Legislatures and beaurocrates under G2 category in spite of these people owning multiple properties in Bangalore.The common man knows how difficult it is to get  even a 20x30 site in the city and the waiting period goes to decades. The Chief minister makes a casual statement that these have been allotted against affidavits made by the persons and he will look into the matter.

This is a statement of eyewash and looting of sites in prime locations will go on without any shame or fear. Opposition parties will not make any noise because they are part of the beneficiaries. It is high time that public should unite and fight such irregularities and approach institutions like Governor, Lokayukta and the Court for remedies.

 Sri Mahaveer Gardenia,
Kumaraswamy layout,

Leaders of the past

Reading with what alacrity the Ministers' Allowances Bill was passed, allowing them to take along, free, any number of relations or family with them on their travels, brings to my mind an incident involving Pandit Nehru.

My father, who was then Panditji's PPS, went with my mother to give him an invitation to my sister's wedding and to get his blessings. As is usual, he offered them refreshments.. nimboo pani. When the drinks came there was also a slip of paper on the tray, which Panditji signed. He was paying for the two glasses of nimboo pani, as my parents were his personal guests! What a difference between the leaders of that day, and today's "netas".

K M Kini

Ministers' Extravagance
This is with reference to the news item, Revenue Minister spends more than CM on renovation D.H. 25th Dec. 2009. " Make hay while the Sun shines"  seems to be the motto of our nethas now. Probabaly the austerity measures are only  for the common man. Minsters  can help themselves  freely with the  tax payers' money becase they are Very important persons. They have to maintain dignity  and all.   Gandhiji lived in huts and slept  on the floor yet, he maintained high dignity and he was a  very very  Important person even to  foreigners.When I visited  Europe and the US,  many people used ask about Gandhji and made enquires about him. Such was the image he created. He never  lived in airconditioned mansions  and spent public money in crores for renovating bath rooms and lavatories.  It is  unfortunate that we talk  so much about Gandhiji's  policies  but our nethas never try to emulate Gandhiji's priniciples.
 Deshmukh Raghavendra Rao,
DM ROAD, Basavanagudi

Further Balkanization

Just like Pakistan was born at the instance of Jinnah insisting a separate land for Muslim, few decades back, when Nehru was PM,  Potti Sriramulu's death crated Andhra, a state for Telugus, which also formed the basis for the birth of linguistic states.

We now see how Pakistan is struggling and also lost it's eastern area which is the present  Bangladesh. Curiously, Andhra is again following the Pakisan formula for it's bifurcation which also triggers demand for balkanization of other states.The myth of discrimination and lack of growth should be fought well by all concerned instead of succumbing to the demands of separation for political gains by selfish politicians.It should be realized   that there may be demand in future among Telenganas themselves for further balkanization.

As such, all sorts of unnecessary agitations which help only politicians for their own growth should be desisted by the innocent and ignorant people .Media, scholars, eminent men of mass followings can play constructive role in this regard instead of allowing selfish politicians to spoil the country.  


Andhra boils as Congress mulls over SRC

This is with reference to Andhra boils as Congress mulls over SRC appearing in DH dated 25DEC09. Congress has eaten its own humble pie in issuing declaration of a possibility in the formation of new state Telangana. Where was the necessity for the Centre to succumb to the pressure tactics of fast unto death by TRS K Chandrashekhar Rao? Lets us be frank and admit that when hundreds of farmers are starving to deaths, committing suicides why is the Govt ignoring to critical issues such as these!!! To buy time to bury the skeleton Centre’s is left with only option to fall back upon the State Reorganisation Commission (SRC) to wriggle out of the sensitive case.

Deepak Chikramane

 Meeting regional dissent

This is with regards to the wound of telegana that is spreading like an epidemic in the nation and creating the furor of regional voices dominating over nationalism and undervaluing the Indian pluralism and the efforts that was put in integrating independent India in making union of states. However the UPA government appears to be in fix in their conviction to resolve the issue of telegana that has clearly come out in the contradictory statements between the leaders in the UPA government which reflects lack of consensus.

 Andhra Pradesh is burning and the civil lives have been seriously affected to great extent due to the clash between protesters and police and  leaders with their protégés from Hyderabad-telegana who are displaying their vested positions by agitation, resignations, fast adding more fuel to the fire in flaring tension. The need of the hour is to suggest to the wisdom of the Andhra paradesh leaders that ‘dialogue’ is also one of the medium to express and justify their demands before the government by keeping the peace and solidarity in tact .

The Government cannot afford anymore by anyone wasting tax payer’s money in loss of public property and public peace in the name of telegana. The UPA Government should find a responsible way out in meeting regional dissent by giving a permanent settlement to protect and preserve harmony and heritage of India that is union of states.

India today needs decision makers for swift decisions in the interest of nation. Does UPA Government possess them?

Syed khaja
New Delhi

Can we really trust Judiciary?

he common perception of the public is that the final judgment of the country's apex court would invariably be just, proper and always tempered with judicial propriety of the highest order, particularly as it cannot be challenged except in case of mercy petitions.  However, some of the recent verdicts reported seem not only questionable but totally shocking.

The news that" Second wife entitled to Govt. job:SC" (Dec.24) seem to fall in this category. According to Hindu Marriage Act bigamy is not permitted and in case of a government servant he will be dismissed from service if guilty of this act. The judgment given seem to have been based on emotional rather than on legal ground. Another shocker of a judgment recently reported relates to the verdict that kicking the wife by husband and in-laws does not constitute cruelty and is not a ground for divorce.
Such controversial verdicts by the country's highest court is likely to erode the unflinching trust and faith the public normally reposes on the wisdom of the judiciary and wonder if it time for some serious rethinking on the finality of the apex body.

H.R.Bapu Somasekhar

Deteriorating standards

The deteriorating standards of Indian Politics is disgusting to the common man.Several unethical and anti-people actions by the so called people's representatives is a standing testimony to such low quality politics.Congress Ministers like Pranab Mukherjee,Chidambaram and even Madam Sonia tried to impress the people of India that they were bitten by the 'austeriety bug'.Instructions were given to Shri.S.M.Krishna and Sashi Tharoor to shift out of the five star hotels and seek more economical places for their Offices/Residences.Ministers were advised to travel by economy class only.Though not many ministers paid any heed to such 'instructions' such cost cutting actions were set aside swiftly.When it comes to incease in perks,remunerations,benefits,etc..all differences between the political parties are forgotten and these are 'unanimously' approved ! Thus 'looting of the public exchequer' is fully endorsed by the Congress,BJP,CPI,CPM,JD(S),SP,TDP,etc.........The recent example is the unanimous approval of the Bill to allow free travel on Air India to families of MPs.MLA,etc...

The low quality of politics is also been seen in the 'handling' of events in Andhra Pradesh.Though the situation has got out of control in the State,and there is absolute chaos everywhere in Andhra Pradesh,the UPA has not thought it fit to introduce President's Rule.This is because there is Congress Rules in Andhra Pradesh.Had similiar situation existed in any other non-Congress State,there would have been immediate President's Rule.

Then we have a strange type of 'Auction' in Jharkhand.A criminal and a convict is going around and openly selling his support to form a Government in Jharkhand.This politician must be banned and boycotted by all and instead of forming a government with such criminals,President's Rule must be imposed.

Then we have a 'trader of loyalties' in Karnataka,who threatened the Chief Minister and became a Minister.Renukacharya has been made a Excise Minister ! This 'Minister' has a known record of molestation and disrespect his seniors.He is also 'known' for his street fights.

The common man in India is disturbed and worried as to where the Country is heading with such low type of politics and politicians.We are reminded of what Shr.T.N.Seshan had said: He said: THOSE WHO SHOULD BE IN JAILS,ARE IN THE PARLIAMENT AND VARIOUS ASSEMBLIES IN INDIA. How Very True!!!!!

Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd