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Return of a king:
An indian Army in afghanistan
William Dalrymple
Bloomsbury, 2014, pp 567, 499
In the spring of 1839, the British invaded Afghanistan for the first time. Nearly 20,000 British and East India Company troops poured through the high mountain passes and re-established on the throne Shah Shuja ul-Mulk. The book is the analysis of the First Afghan War, told through the lives of unforgettable characters on all sides.

Rum Beer Cocktail
Sukant Ratnakar
Amaryllis, 2014, pp 284, 299
This is a story of six friends, different in every way, knit together around an international advertising company. Money, fame and friendship come easy and life is nothing short of a song and dance. Do these dream merchants have any idea how to design their own lives, or does it take the sweeping hand of destiny to drive them to their senses?

How Google Works
Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg
Hachette, 2014, pp 286, 650
It is an entertaining, page-turning primer containing lessons that Eric and Jonathan learned as they helped build the company. The authors explain how technology has shifted the balance of power from companies to consumers, and that the only way to succeed is to create superior products and attract a new breed of multifaceted employees called ‘smart creatives.’

Private Minds
Monica Bakre
Power, 2014, pp 212, 275
Dr Aaditya Gokhale, a psychiatrist, meets Anuradha Baliga (73), Nayantara Kini, her niece, and Ashlesha Shenoy, her widowed sister, whose lives unfold dramatically. The story uncovers the private minds of all the characters and conveys the inward growing struggle of Aadi empathising with them. Does his practice make him pay too heavy a price?


The Temporary Bride
Jennifer Klinec
Hachette, 2014, pp 211, 350
This is a memoir of love and food in Iran. In her thirties, Jennifer Klinec abandons a corporate job to launch a cooking school from her London flat. Her quest leads her to Iran where, hair discreetly covered and eyes modest, she is introduced to a local woman who will teach her the secrets of the Persian kitchen.

Mr Mac and Me
Esther Freud
Bloomsbury, 2014, pp 296, 499
It is 1914, and Thomas Maggs, the son of the local publican, lives a quiet life with his parents and sister in a village on the Suffolk coast. A mysterious Scotsman, who looks like a detective, arrives. Mac is what the locals call him. But he isn’t a detective but the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and together with his artist wife, they interest Thomas.


The Garud Strikes
Mukul Deva
Westland, 2014, pp 212, 495
This is the story of a few good men. The four men of the 4th Brigade of the Guards (1 Rajput) who in the 1971 Indo-Pak War freed 75 million people from the torturous clutches of the Pakistani army. They were ordinary men. But when push came to shove, they rose to the occasion and left an indelible mark on the pages of history.

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