Skeletal remains recovered from bin

Skeletal remains recovered from bin

Human skeletal remains were recovered from a garbage dump outside a residential colony in west Delhi’s Dwarka area on Sunday morning. With initial investigations ruling out the possibility of any foul play, police suspected that a medical student must have discarded them.

“Some bones came tumbling out of a polythene cover while municipality workers were loading the garbage from a barrel into a truck. They checked and found the shopping cover to be containing a human skull, a couple of lower jaws and some other bones,” a senior police officer told Deccan Herald.

Police were immediately informed and the bones sent to a forensic laboratory for examination. But there are almost no doubts that the recovered skeletal remains are “very old” and do not give rise to suspicion of any foul play in the recent past, said police.
“The very colour of the bones suggests that. They have turned yellow, similar to how they would appear if left mostly unattended for long periods of time,” said the officer quoting doctors who were consulted by police on this matter.

Sketch pen marks on the bones indicated to them being owned by some medical student. “Sketch pens in green, blue and red colour have been used on the bones to demarcate the different parts. The pen colours too appear to be very old,” said the officer.

A medical student who must have been shifting homes or cleaning his room must have discarded them in the dustbin, police suspect. Garbage discarded from hundreds of homes in that area reaches this dumping room and police said they would make efforts to identify the person only if the forensic laboratory results point to the possibility of any foul play.

Since the case gives rise to a reasonable suspicion of an offence, the local police have registered a case under 174 CrPC.Police said skeletons like the ones recovered on Sunday are readily available for purchase at medial equipments shops.