Maha final day campaign: Modi connects with fishermen

Maha final day campaign: Modi connects with fishermen

Seeking to woo the fishermen community in this tribal region, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said those seeking an account of his work in 60 days never bothered about fishermen rotting in jails and it was his government which took up the matter with Pakistan.

Addressed a rally in the newly created Palghar district of Maharashtra on the final day of campaigning, he said the fishermen of Palghar share a special bond with Gujarat.

"Fishermen are imprisoned in Pakistan. When I became the Prime Minister, I spoke to Pakistan's Prime Minister on this issue seriously and I told him that not only have you imprisoned fishermen but also have captured their boats," he said while noting that each boat costs Rs 5-10 lakh.

"For the first time in 10 years Pakistan has released our 50 boats and 200 fishermen from jail. Immediately after forming the government, the first thing I did was this," he said.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the Kerala nurses caught in the Iraq crisis, saying that he was able to bring back the girls from the captivity of terrorists with dignity.

"Those asking me for an account never remembered the daughters of poor families, fishermen and the youths from poor families who were locked up in jails abroad," he said, attacking the Congress.

Modi said he was confident that BJP will get majority in the October 15 Maharashtra Assembly elections and asked voters to "punish" Congress and NCP which had "looted" the state.

"With the kind of response I have been witnessing during my rallies in the state, I have no doubt that BJP will get full majority in Maharashtra," he said.

"I was Chief Minister of Gujarat but never dared to hold public meeting at 9 AM and I am amazed at the huge turnout at this rally being held at 9 AM," he said.

Corruption destroyed Maharashtra. Congress, NCP looted rich and poor and even robbed war widows of their homes and children of midday meals, he charged.

"Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi ruled the country and even Sonia Gandhi ruled it behind the scenes," he said.

"But did Congress in 50 years care for tribals, nor did it create a separate ministry for tribals. Vajpayee government created it and appointed a tribal as its minister," Modi said.

In 2022, when India celebrates 75 years of Independence there should not be a single family which does not have a house of their own. This is my dream, he said.

"Palghar is the new district in Maharashtra and it will be my endeavour to make it among the most developed in the state, the Prime Minister said."Palghar is the new district in Maharashtra and it will be my endeavour to make it among the most developed in the state, the Prime Minister said.

"If people here get good rail network and youth get jobs nearby, then this area will develop," he said.

India won freedom after much struggle but it was not for pampering the rich and big babus but for poor people, he said.

The Prime Minister said "janata janardhan" (general public) was his high command and he was accountable to none but voters.

"You are my high command," Modi said at the rally in Nandgaon as he promised best possible facilities and projects for development of the new district if BJP came to power.

He compared Palghar district with a newborn child who was in the cradle and needs utmost care and proper nourishment for growth.

Modi said he wants to change Maharashtra from a "scam" tainted State under Congress-NCP rule to a "skill" driven one.

The October 15 elections should sound "death knell" for NCP and Congress, the PM told the gathering. Modi later left for another campaign rally in Ratnagiri district.
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