Pilgrims throng Sringeri, Horanadu

Pilgrims throng Sringeri, Horanadu

Pilgrims throng Sringeri, Horanadu

 Vehicles parked at Gandhi maidan in Sringeri.DH photo

Sringeri and Horanadu, the to cities which house the renowned pilgrim centres— Sringeri Sharadapeeth and Annapurneshwari temple respectively are thrown out of gear over the last three days, owing to the increasing number of pilgrims ‘pouring’ in.
Both the temple managements as well as the local governing bodies have failed to cope up with the inflow of tourists into the city.

It is believed that the pilgrims who would otherwise be visiting Thirupathi temple in Andhra Pradesh have diverted their visit to these pilgrim centres because of the prevailing situation in Andhra Pradesh.

Further, the number of tourist coming to Sringeri and Hornadu has increased over the last few days owing to Christmas holidays. The situation was further worsened by the heavy rains that lashed on Sunday morning.

With increasing number of tourists, the existing infrastructure in both the towns are seeming short. There are thousands of vehicles parked here and there in the city without any order and for the first time in the history of Sringeri city, it is experiencing traffic jams spanning over hours and kilometres.

Almost every hotel and guest house in the city are full and hence the sight of traveller resting in their vehicles as well on the footpath are common. The guest houses, hotels in Kalasa and Horanadu are full and the owners of the hotels and guest houses are making hay when the shine is still shining. Many of the pilgrims have been sent to the nearby schools for accommodation.

Sringeri Mutt and Horanadu temple at the same time are finding it difficult to serve food to the number of pilgrims coming the temple.

The register of Annapurneshwari Temple Hornadu shows that over 50,000 people have visited the temple over the last three days. The situation is expected to be the same till the Christmas holidays ends.