Cops all set to hasten traffic surveillance in Udupi

Cops all set to hasten traffic surveillance in Udupi

The traffic violators in Udupi, henceforth should be cautious enough over the negligence that lead to the violation of traffic norms, as the district police department is all set to implement traffic rules more effectively.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Superintendent of Police Rajendra Prasad said that a decision to introduce innovative methods in traffic surveillance has been taken up owing to many number of complaints received on the violation of traffic norms by people and alleged harassment by the traffic police to public.

The traffic system in Udupi district calls in for some changes to minimise the number of cases reported in traffic police stations. The SP said that the department has planned to introduce Non-Obtrusive detection technology, which deals with real time monitoring of transient vehicles within the specified area.

The main objective of this system is to provide automatic interpretations of scenes, understand and predict the actions and interactions of the vehicles based on the information and images procured through the camera.

He said the pictures would be captured using surveillance cameras and handy-cams. The CCTV cameras installed at crucial junctions would also act as testimony in proving the offence. The traffic management centre will also act as surveillance centre monitoring the vehicles.

The result of capturing the images of traffic rule violations, would end up in dispatching pay challans bearing fine amount, directly to the address of the violator. The traffic police would be trained to take up the task. The SP said stern measures would be taken against all sort of traffic norm violators.

The traffic crimes that are constantly regulated include driving without a license, driving under the influence of an intoxicant, driving without motor vehicle insurance (except for the first offence), driving without helmet, use of mobile phones while driving, reckless driving, overspeeding, jumping signal, failure to follow the right-of-way or failure to provide way for a vehicle in the right lane, failure to signal when changing lanes or making a turn, failure to drive within a specified lane, or driving in between two lanes, driving over a median, divider or a gore, seat belt violations and driving on footpaths among others.

The SP said that the technology would be introduced in Udupi taluk and later in Kundapur taluk. As there is no traffic police station in Karkala, it might take extra time to introduce the system in Karkala taluk. He added that the system would minimise public grievances on harassment for unnecessary reasons by the traffic policemen and wastage of time, he added.