Katy Perry's love letters to be auctioned

Katy Perry's love letters to be auctioned

Katy Perry's love letters to be auctioned

Singer Katy Perry wrote a number of letters to a boy called Christopher when she was 11. The love letters that she wrote to her crush way back in 1995, are now up for auction.

The letters, which are to be sold by Juliens Auctions next month, are estimated to be bought at over $800, reports mirror.co.uk.

One of these notes begins with: "Dear Christopher, I got your address from a special person, your mom! I didn't know it, but your mom was sitting right in front of me on the couch and I said I liked you and I didn't know that it was your mum! I was so embarrassed your mom told me to write you and I did."

Another letter ends: "P.S. I like you a lot! Write back asap. Love Katy Hudson."

Meanwhile, Russell Brand, Perry's former husband, recently said he relished being married to the singer, although the marriage only lasted a mere 14 months.

Brand admitted that he has fond memories of their time together and has nothing but admiration for his ex.

The former duo got engaged in 2009 and tied the knot in October 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony in Rajasthan, India. However, Brand filed for divorce from Perry in December 2011.

Perry previously said, the break-up changed her opinion on love and she found the split "traumatic".