A contemporary dimension

A contemporary dimension

A contemporary dimension

In spite of the choc-a-bloc traffic and the back to back events in the City that evening, the crowd came in and enjoyed the paintings, the hospitality and the social interaction.

“This is my dream project and I have worked on all the details personally. As an artist and art lover, I plan to use this space as a platform for art in different forms,” says Deepa.

The talented mother daughter duo Shan Re and Romicon Revola were the first artists to exhibit their work at Galerie De’ Arts.

“I love the way Shan has used her medium of expression, in this case her oils on canvas to capture the language of the soul,” said one of the visitors.
“Her figurative pieces with strong brush strokes and warm pleasing colours are delightful,” the visitor added.

 Romicon, the young contemporary sculptress, will also exhibit her work and and bring a fresh contemporary dimension to the gallery’s line of exhibits.
The crowd filtered in singly or in pairs and like most close knit fraternities was very
familiar with each other.

They formed little buzzing groups in and around the exhibition space while interacting with the artists.
Some complained about the incessant digging and never ending road works that have worsened the plight of the already beleaguered Bangalore commuter.
Deepa played hostess ensuring that the guests mingled easily, partook of the refreshments and were guided through their art explorations.
“I saw Shan's work in Bangalore a few years ago and found it outstanding. In fact, her paintings caught my eye from among several other artists who were on display,” said Pavan Shah, an art collector.

A young group of art lovers hotly debated the relative merits of oils vs acrylic paints while another pair of ladies was caught up with the latest political news.