Taking a break

Taking a break

People are heading to various places to usher in the New Year

Taking a break

“My girlfriend and I have decided to go to Goa to celebrate the new year. Since both of us are working, we decided it some time ago so that we would have no problems getting leave. Also, getting reservations in a good resort in Goa is not easy, especially now. So everything has been planned and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a long pending break from work as well,” says Mahesh P, an employee of BIAL.

“My friends and I went to Goa last new year and we will be going to Germany and Amsterdam for this new year. I have already applied for leave and have also started shopping for the trip. I’m really excited about it. It's after a long time that we as friends are going out together. Our trip is completely planned and we will try to follow it as much as possible so that we can see as many places as we can,” says Vijay, a techie.

Some prefer to go out of town and party with friends or family while others prefer to stay back at home and relax. “We, cousins, usually get together a day or two before the new year at my grandmom’s place and celebrate. We have been doing this for many years now. It is nice to welcome the new year along with family. We usually stay awake till 12 either watching TV or chatting and wish each other at the stroke of midnight,” said Chandan, an airport official. “And sometimes we do cut a cake as well,” he added.

There are some people who will be going home after a long time for the new year. Karan Raj, also an airport official says, “My family stays in Delhi while I stay in Bangalore because I’m working here. I will be going back home for new year. I’m waiting for the last week of December when I’ll leave for Delhi. I’m craving for home food.”

While Karan is going home for new year his friend Lokesh will be celebrating the new year in Pondicherry. “It was a last minute plan which was finalised only a few days back. It was hard to get hotel reservations but I managed it. It’s my first new year trip and Pondicherry is quite a happening place. So I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

The most visited places during this time of the year are Goa, Pondicherry, Munnar, New Delhi and Mumbai to name a few. And people seem to decide their new year holiday depending on the party scene of that place.