'Heart patients need special care during festive season'

'Heart patients need special care during festive season'

Noise pollution during Diwali can deteriorate the condition of heart patients and also lead to heart attacks, said city doctors.

While patients who have undergone heart surgeries can suffer from increased blood pressure leading to poor health conditions and random dietary habits during this time is another major factor which should be checked, said doctors.

“People who have weak heart muscles or have undergone bypass surgery should be careful,” said Dr Mohan Nair, Chairperson, Cardiology Department, Saket City Hospital.

“We recommend that such patients do not go out while firecrackers are being burst as it would need extra efforts for them to cope with the stress of noise pollution,” Dr Nair said

“There are instances when the cardiac patients can suffer from severe breathlessness that might require hospitalisation. So it is best that they restrict their movements to lighting lamps,” said Dr Nair.

Though there are some anecdotal instances in which patients have reportedly collapsed because of noise pollution, but there is no scientific-based evidence to prove this, said doctors.

Eating too much

Meanwhile, another reason why heart patients suffer during Diwali is they expose themselves to risks by overeating.

“During the festive season, even heart patients pay little attention to what they are eating. Overeating and excessive consumption of sweets are common,” said Dr T S Kler, Executive Director, Cardiac Sciences and Electrophysiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

“This often increases the sugar level in patients. Also it can lead to heart failure as the heart fat is precipitated. So it is important to adjust the drug dosage,” Dr Kler added.

The risks of cardiac arrests also increase around the time of Diwali. People exposed to high air and noise pollution are always at threat, said experts. Inflammation of artery is also common in this festive season.

“There are three factors which lead to increased blood pressure which can lead to cardiac arrests or heart failure,” said Dr K K Aggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation. 

“Particulate matter in air measuring below 2.5 macron easily dissolve in blood and often increases blood pressure. Also, noise pollution above,”  he said.“90 decibel and transfat in food consumed during Diwali increase chances of heart failure,” he added.