Creativity that blurs the boundaries of art

Creativity that blurs the boundaries of art

Captivating Clay

Creativity that blurs the boundaries of art

Artist and pottery designer Anju Kumar started her love for clay moulding as a hobby which later turned into a passion.

 Without any professional guidance she has come a long way. Showcasing her latest collection at the exhibition, ‘Luminous Earth’, she has captured the essence of minimalism of pottery-making in various shapes and sizes.

Kumar flagged off the festive season with this show at Studio Anmol with installation works around experimental themes and silhouettes, bringing in nature’s different elements. She has also poetically interpreted dance moves through her sculptures.

This self-taught artist and potter presents art that is creative, contemporary and unique in its trend. Her fascination lies with creating textures like wood, leather, matte and metal. Though she started by moulding clay into pots and vases, soon she started using wood, terracotta and metals to make sculptures and paintings. Kumar also does three dimensional paintings on a wood base with flowers sculpted in ceramic and painted with acrylic colours.

Gold filigree on mud is her latest interest this year. Artworks with the use of saturated colours and broad loose brushwork and mixed media techniques are used by Kumar to make sculptures, creating excellence.

The focus is on sculptures which leaves an everlasting impression with their incredibly detailed cuts and folds. Capturing experimentalism, her label ‘Anmol’ truly creates art that is sculptural, architechtural and functional. Spectacular vases, urns with detailed filigree and jaalis look stunning as floor lamps. A series of Buddhas in various moods take her works to a realm where creativity and inspiration blur the boundaries of art.

Kumar also showcased in her present collection a series of tables, sculpted garden sets, pillars, mandirs, tulsi chauras, Ganeshas, etc. The collection defines her individuality as a studio potter where traditional shapes and designs get a modern perspective!