It's an e-world

It's an e-world

The internet is a veritable maze of happenings, with an 'e' counterpart for everything.

I’ve noticed that nearly everything these days has an ‘e’ counterpart. In a fast paced, networked world, there are a lot services and stores online, a mouse click way. 

How good an alternative these are remains to be seen. But whatever the case, something’s electronic twin is not going anywhere anytime soon. That is if current trends are an indication of what the future might bring.

For example, e-mail. A lot of communication happens through it, and it has made the recipients of snail mail terribly impatient. I wouldn’t call mail through the post obsolete, for packages still do come in the mail, and it is, admittedly, rather thrilling to rip open the envelop or peel back duct tape and discover whatever is inside. Unless, of course, they’re bills. With e-mail, there’s no need to wait. Messages arrive quickly, and bills even quicker. C’est la vie.

The internet doesn’t really stop there. Getting a plane ticket isn’t too hard and booking a trip to the North Pole isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Grab a computer and there are plenty of sites that offer e-bookings for an e-ticket. Simple really. There are e-libraries that allow you to borrow books or even videos from the comfort of a plush chair at home. 

E-retailers allow thousands of items to be purchased online, and they stock  just about everything, from pencils to fancy television sets, clothes and vintage lampshades. E-readers give access to e-books, many of those I’ve waited to read for what seems like forever. 

Most news from print newspapers appears on their web counterparts, the e-papers. Besides, e-papers tend to have a plethora of brilliant photographs and many other shiny, fancy things that make an event seem larger than life.

So many ‘e’-s. With so many activities online, the internet is a veritable maze of happenings. From networking to shopping to travel and work, to gaming and video and music streaming. Missing a live event isn’t necessarily a disappointment, not when there are so many reruns online. 

E-auctions facilitate business by connecting buyers and sellers. Online jewellery stores and e-jewellery may just land you that glittery necklace you’ve dreamed of for years. And with an online presence there’s also, you know, a need to brush up on e-habits. 

Words are thoroughly misleading. A careless comment on a social networking site can leave its recipient wondering about the poster’s intentions for days. Did he, or didn’t she?

This plethora of ‘e’-s, fuels the imagination for what might be next. But with the prevalence of digitisation, things can get a little confusing. Especially with words. Maybe it’s possible to e-write an e-article and e-send it for a possible e-publication. Or maybe that’s carrying it a bit too far.

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