Set on a trash trail and sniffle it out

Set on a trash trail and sniffle it out

Set on a trash trail and sniffle it out

Delighting in the prominent sights and landmarks a City boasts of is a normal do among tourists, both from far and near.

But garbage dumping yards as a new touristy fad to get an up, close and personal sniffling at the trash a city generates? Well, only namma Bengaluru, the country’s Science Capital, can come up with a curious concept. And, lo and behold, there are several takers for sniffling it out.

The unique concept, styled as Trash Trail, the brainchild of Daily Dump, a waste management firm engaged in offering green solutions, provides one a first-hand experience of the City’s garbage and those engaged in clearing and dealing with it, on a diurnal basis.

That nearly 15 of the 75 who have taken the trek are foreigners tells in itself the sorry tale of a City whose civic fathers are grappling with the problem, with no one-shot solution to wish it away.

The tour includes interaction with sweepers, waste recyclers, waste pickers, visit to a waste transfer point, stopping at Jolly Mohalla, a waste recycling market near Cottonpet, and visit to one of the landfill sites.

According to Daily Dump designer Liza David, the concept was introduced in 2006 with the main objective of changing the people’s perspective towards garbage. “We wanted to inform visitors about what happens to waste once it gets out of homes, the environmental impact, negative consequences, among others. The number of people interested in the trail tour is growing steadily.”

They choose the landfill depending on their convenience and the location they depart from, she said.

A large chunk of corporates and private firms have been part of the tour. Tours, David said, are based on the number of people register.

Each batch comprises nine people, usually. The last time tour was in February. We plan to do mini trash trails for schools and colleges lasting four hours, Santosh, a staffer, said. The tour starts at 7 am and lasts till 3 pm. Apart from hands-on seeing, other components include discussion, debate, observing, questioning, understanding and learning all about waste.

Those who enrol are encouraged to get a bag of dry waste such as scraps of paper, plastic, foam among others that could be borrowed or brought from their homes so that they can give it to waste recyclers they meet.

Those who are game to brave it on the Trash Trail, just send a mail to and let the show begin.

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