Visitors can spend more time at Delhi Zoo

Visitors can spend more time at Delhi Zoo

To allow more time to visitors on the premises, the Delhi Zoo has made services of battery-operated trolleys more flexible now.

Earlier, visitors often complained that their time was cut short due to the zoo guides who often stopped only at the most popular destinations.The battery-operated trolleys run every five minutes on the premises now to ferry visitors who do not want to go around walking.

The charge for an adult is Rs 55 and that for a child is Rs 28. However, if visitors availed the trolley service, they had to finish seeing all enclosures within the stipulated time.

“Now, they can walk around the campus leisurely and take time in seeing each enclosure,” said Riaz Ahmed Khan, Curator, Delhi Zoo.“With the service made more frequent, visitors can take any trolley after they are done spending time at an enclosure,” Ahmed added.

“This will also allow visitors more time for photography as earlier they often complained that their visits were cut short because of the lack of flexibility,” added Khan.

Currently, there are 12 battery-operated trolleys which are operational on the zoo premises.The varieties of these trolleys range from 14-seater, 12-seater to 8-seater. Since these are operated by batteries, it helps keep the campus pollution free. 

Added attraction
Visitors at the zoo have an added attraction now. At least six types of true migratory birds have already arrived here.Storks, great cormorant, Siberian cranes, pelicans have already arrived at the zoo.

However, the number of true migratory birds will increase as the temperature dips in their respective countries.The first batch of local migratory birds had arrived here on August 15.

Meanwhile, the zoo authorities are trying to improve the security measures after a youth was killed by a white tiger here.

“We have posted two security guards outside enclosures which have the highest number of visitors or which might prove to be dangerous. Outside the tiger enclosure, the security level has been stepped up,” said Khan.

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