Stone-age site lies in state of neglect

Stone-age site lies in state of neglect

Marvels of civilisation

Stone-age site lies in state of neglect

The stone-age tombs and cave paintings atop the Hirebenakal Hills in Gangavathi taluk may soon fade away if immediate measures to conserve them are not taken up. 

Hirebenakal village is located some 40 km from Koppal. A 10-km walk on a steep path from the village leads to the archaeological site, believed to be about 3,000 years old. According to local residents, the site, spread over more than 10 acres, had more than 60 tombs and the number had nearly halved in the recent days.

The stone structures resemble a house—with four stone slabs supporting a circular stone ceiling. They are also referred to as “Morera houses.” Similar structures, albeit of a small dimension, could be found a little distance away. 

According to the information board at the site, these stone structures have been constructed as memorials for the departed souls. It also says that civilisation existed at Durgada Dadi, around half a km from this site. However, only an excavation could throw more light on the history of this ancient site. 

It is also being said that dwarfs of the stone age resided in the house-like stone structures. A huge pond is located near the structures. The display boards of the Archaeology Department says that the area was inhabited by people of neolithic age and that they were predominantly farmers. 

However, in the absence of conservation attempts, the monuments face the threat of extinction over the course of time.