Devotion has rewards

Devotion has rewards

Devotion has rewards

Namaste Madam

Kannada (U/A) **

Cast: Srinagara Kitti, Nikesha Patel, Ragini Dwivedi

Director: R Raghuraj

A middle-class accountant's upwardly mobile dream is shattered after he is dismissed from his job by his exacting boss who has flown down from Mumbai.

The accountant protests only to be told to prepare for some tests to get promoted as the company's GM! Grasping at last straws, the accountant agrees.. only to get caught in the web his boss weaves around him and his family. But the boss is always right... with reason. What reason can it be?

A lot of water has flown under the bridge of collective conscience from 2003 when the Telugu film Missamma starring Sivaji, Laya and Bhumika Chawla released to now when it's remake Namaste Madam with Srinagara Kitti, Nikesha Patel and Ragini Dwivedi.

It is to the director's credit that the plot remains “faithful” to the original, sacrificing the possibility of making a telling adaptation of an interesting story.

It also loses some sensibility as audiences are not gullible any more. For instance, patients of cardiomyopathy suffer swollen legs, unable to move around freely.

Yet, Ragini flaunts her beautifully toned legs while dancing merrily to a tapanguchi tune. And, the PUC-pass Nikesha, who's mostly suspicious of her husband's actions, suddenly begins believing in him closer towards the climax. 

Whether it's hurried editing or director's decision overriding that of the editor, the damage is done. 

Yet, not all is lost. A lean Kitti is utterly believable as the harried accountant who's tormented by both the women in his life. Pity innuendo-ridden dialogues let him, Nikesha and Ragini, down in places.

Pathaje beautifies each frame as much as possible while Sridhar Sambhram becomes the latest example for melody and soul giving way to “mass” requirements. Ragini is good towards the climax.

Time she was allowed to blossom as an actor and not just as a showpiece. Namaste Madam echoes the view of Sandalwood stars that even making remakes is hard work!

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