'Sword fighting requires a lot of skill'

'Sword fighting requires a lot of skill'

'Sword fighting requires a lot of skill'

Actor-turned-director Prabhu Deva’s latest directorial venture, ‘Action Jackson’, which has Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam in the lead roles will hit the theatres in December. The movie is a melange of stories about various facets of Mumbai.

The first half of the movie is shot on the streets of Mumbai and the second-half unveils overseas.Prabhu says that he got to spend some quality time with Ajay Devgn, whose work he has been following for many years now.

Prabhu has worked with almost all the top actors in Bollywood and he confesses that he couldn’t think of anybody better than Ajay to fit into the character. “Ajay is unpretentious and he’s a brilliant actor. Some of the scenes were tailor-made for him. I visualised some of the scenes for him and he has performed extraordinarily well,” explains Prabhu.

Ajay has a lot to do in the film in terms of dancing and he has had to undergo special training in sword fighting, especially for this film. “Ajay would train early morning in sword fighting. It’s not easy but he is a fast learner. Sword fighting requires a lot of skill and calculation,” he adds.

None of Prabhu’s movies are complete without his iconic dance moves and in this film too, Prabhu has got Ajay to do some tough dances steps. “We danced together and exchanged a couple of new moves as well,” he states.

Prabhu will also be seen in ‘ABCD2’ which has Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Prabhu did a lot of dancing in the ‘ABCD’ and he confesses that he may do the same amount or even more in the latest one. He will also start another film with Akshay Kumar titled, ‘Singh is Bling,’ “The story is written around a sardar and has a lot of neat comedy in it. I also think titles are as important as the cast and story,” he states.

His directorial projects in Bollywood has left Prabhu with little time to explore work down South but he could resist an offer for a Tamil movie titled, ‘Kalavedi.’ “It’s a very unique role and like nothing I’ve done before. It’s an emotionally intense role, something that people have not seen me do,” he signs off.