'You can't do any work that comes your way'

'You can't do any work that comes your way'

Sharman Joshi doesn’t take up ‘any work that comes’ his way and says as an actor it is important to select projects carefully.

“You need to be choosy. You can’t do any work that comes your way…I choose
the work that I like to do. There are times you just need to relax,” Sharman Joshi told reporters in a group interview.

His last two outings Gang of Ghosts and War Chhod Na Yaar bombed at the box office.
Talking about the debacle of his films, Sharman said, “The intention was perfect. Everyone felt that we had a great script in hand, but I think we didn’t quite translate it on screen the way we should have.”

“Sometimes things don’t work out and this too didn’t work out, but the film will always remain dear to me, it’s my baby. It’s sad that it didn’t get the love and reception which I was hoping it will get,” he told IANS.

“But that’s the way it is. We learn from our mistakes and put those learnings
to make our next film better. I am extremely upbeat about Super Nani. I play a pivotal role in the movie and the story is a winner here,” he added.

Sharman is currently busy promoting Super Nani. Directed by Indra Kumar, the film also
features Rekha.He says it was an honour to work with a living legend. “She is a
super fine actor, absolutely breathtaking and a gorgeous woman. The discipline that she
has put in her personal life reflects in the way she looks at the age of 60.

The same discipline she puts in her work. She works on every minute detail… I got to learn a lot from her,” he said.