Rumour mongers in both sides spew venom

Rumour mongers in both sides spew venom

Rumour mongers continued to have a field day even on Monday in riot-hit Trilokpuri.
While hoax calls of rioting are being monitored by police, some mischief mongers have been trying to pass off natural deaths in sensitive areas as those caused directly or indirectly due to riots.

These elements, present in both the warring communities, have been targeting ignorant residents as well as journalists with an aim to spread rumours. Their efforts are being countered by some responsible residents, mostly elders, who take the pain to explain the truth. According to police, no one has died in the communal clashes so far.

Deccan Herald on Monday came across two deaths each in one block dominated by Hindus and another by Muslims. Two of these had died on Sunday and two others on Monday.

“The man could not bear the trauma of these riots and he died of heart attack,” said a youth in Block number 28. He led this reporter to another youth who narrated how Basanta’s health deteriorated soon after someone in his family was hurt by a stone pelted by another community.

It turned out that Basanta was a 79-year-old man who was suffering from severe ailments for months. One of his relatives Amit Gehlot said no one in their family was hurt in the riots and these were mere rumours. Gehlot said he has been given the responsibility by some elders in the community to approach any gathering or person who could have been fed these rumours.

It was a similar situation some houses away. Some angry youths were talking among themselves that 25-year-old youth Gaurav, whose body was lying in an open space with women mourning around it, was a riot victim.

One man Sanjay stepped in, scolded the youths and brought relatives of the deceased, who clarified Gaurav had injured his spinal cord a month ago while diving in a river. “He succumbed to injuries at hospital on Sunday. He was admitted there ever since the accident,” said Sanjay. A police team deployed there confirmed this.

A similar scene was seen in Block 27, where two women died in the past two days. A man Sajid said police weren’t allowing 45-year-old Shayada Begum’s burial. Some elders immediately clarified that Begum was buried within hours of her death on Sunday itself.