Teeth aligners, now in transparent mode

Teeth aligners, now in transparent mode

As the regular metallic dental aligners look unaesthetic on the face, patients now have the option of using transparent teeth aligners.Launched in Kolkata recently by an American company, the Clearpath aligners are made of 0.7 mm thin plastic which is crystal clear and transparent.

"This is the first such technology which has been introduced in India. The regular brackets look odd and unaesthetic specially for working professionals. Lot of people want to get their teeth straightened but have problems when it comes to aesthetics," said Dr Ananad Tuteja director of Clearpath Aligners.

Alignment of upper teeth is needed to prevent cheeks and lips from being bitten, while alignment of lower teeth is needed to protect the tongue.

Malocclusion or improper alignment of teeth may lead to speech problems, including the development of a lisp.Dr Tuteja said at present around 70 per cent people in India opt for mettalic brackets while around 20 per cent go for ceramic ones while a small percentage only opt for lingual braces or clear aligners.

Clearpath uses a patented and convenient 3D solution for irregular and crooked teeth

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