Today's letters

Today's letters

All is not well

The 5th ODI match has to be abandoned due to bad pitch. This is the second ODI to be abandoned in India due to unfit pitch conditions after the game in Indore in 1997. The detailed investigation will reveal the cause for uneven bounce and fix the responsibility. This is major embarrassment for the organisers and cricket authorities. The International Cricket Council’s Code of Conduct says a ground that produces an unfit pitch could lose its Test and one-day status for a period of 12 to 24 months. Coming on the heels of the blackout in the Eden Gardens in the 4th ODI a couple of days back, it shows that all is not well with our cricket organisation and retired cricketers masquerading as experts are not allowing curators to function properly.

M M Gurbaxani

Wheelers Road


Churchill's prophesy comes true

This refers to ‘Lincolnian democracy seems a distant dream’ (DH, Dec 28). Indians have always nursed an intense dislike bordering on hatred towards that pompous and arrogant Winston Churchill who never minced words in predicting the future of Indian Democracy. We must concede, however grudgingly, that his prophesy on the consequences of Indian independence saying, " The country would pass into the hands of rogues, rascals and free booters etc.", has literally come inconveniently true. The situation in Jharkhand where 59 out of 81 MLAs, in the recently concluded elections, having criminal background with cases pending against them epitomises the sorry state of our failed democracy. This is by no account an isolated case but is symptomatic of the malaise that has spread all over the country in different degrees. Add to this the dubious distinction of India among the toppers in corruption with unholy nexus among the executive, Legislature and Judiciary and the picture is complete. All other achievements in the field of science, technology, medicine etc., fade into insignificance as a consequence. It is time to ponder seriously over the suitability of the existing system of democracy and take steps for major surgery to stem the rot spreading like cancer before it is too late. Otherwise, doomsday scenario is not far off.

H R Bapu somasekhar

Serious lapse

The disowning of any responsibility by Air India in the recent stowaway incident is totally unconvincing. The culprit was hiding inside the toilet of an Air India aircraft, and as such, it was solely the duty of the airline’s cabin staff to see to it that before departure of the flight, all the ground staff, who had entered the aircraft, had left it. This is nothing but a serious lapse on the part of the airline’s personnel and therefore, Air India’s management is answerable to the government in the

Jorhat Singh,
Kandivli (W),

Real cause

This refers to your editorial dated 28 December 2009 on creation of Telangana. It has become a romantic ' gana ' for the opposition, while tragic to congress.Who created this mess ? It is the result of three things : 1. When democratic institutions ( Parliament / Assemblies ) remain name sake institutions, undemocratic decisions are taken creating more problems than finding a solution to an existing problem. 2. When the political parties themselves function undemocratically, they cannot take any democratic decision. 3. When the individuals who lead the democratic institutions are constantly bogged down with personal interests, they cannot take decisions of national importance in the best interest of the country. Therefore, if you know the fundamental problem, all other secondary problems have an appropriate solution.

Gilbert D' Souza

Wake up BCCI

What happened at Delhi is a shameful  incident though it is a rare incident.It needs a through introspection on the part of BCCI and DDCA. Though DDCA were warned several times,that it remained mute and passive is unpardonable. BCCI must take up the moral responsibility for not having provided a conducive pitch.

Inamdar Ramachandra

What a difference

It is amusing to note the tall claims of Sonia Gandhi about Congress party.She should realise that today's Congress is different from the old one as it has miniscule percentage of people with good qualities.Majority among  today's Congressmen are power hungry, sycophants of Indira Gandhi family, self centered, hardly caring for people's woes and so on.Added to this, elements like N.D.Tiwari are also there. As such, it is better for today's Congressmen not to link themselves with yester year leaders who really lived a patriotic and selfless life.     


Shame on you BCCI


The sheen of winning 5 ODI series against Sri Lanka has been off, due to the unfit pitch at Kotla. It is shameful that BCCI, the richest cricket board cannot ensure the fundamental requirement of an international competition. It is easy for BCCI to blame DDCA for the disaster, but it cannot evade its responsibility. Even at Kolkota during 4th ODI, there was black out which stopped the play for a while. It is no surprise that IPL and ICC are pondering over whether to consider Kolkota & Kotla for international competition. Instead of starting the blame game, BCCI must do face saving act of assuring IPL and ICC as to as how they are going to ensure these will never repeat.
K R Anandagopalan
Hebbal Kempapura