'I'm horrible at selecting scripts'

'I'm horrible at selecting scripts'

High Energy

'I'm horrible at selecting scripts'

Ugramm actor Sriimurali, who is known to immerse himself in a project when he gets involved with one, is busy these days with Rathaavara.

Though he wants to stay tight-lipped about the movie and his role, he says that he enjoys working on one movie at a time. “I always love going with one project at a time and that’s how it’s working for me. I think this formula works best for me. It’s very tough for me to work on different roles at one time as the look varies from my moustache to beard and costume to hairstyle,” says Sriimurali.

He believes that it’s better to go subtle and focussed. He adds, “I won’t be able to manage two or more movies at a time, just because of this. I understand clearly that in a year, one or two movies can become a hit. One shouldn’t expect all of his or her films to become a hit as the competition is high today.” 

Despite having family in the industry, he doesn’t feel pressured. “When I wake up in the morning, I think about exactly what I’m supposed to do. I don’t think about what people will think or say about me. It’s all about my life, my family and that is my world. I don’t go by anybody’s statements,” he says. “I do not compare myself to anyone. I want to be Sriimurali, that’s all,” he says confidently.

Though Sriimurali does not disclose what his upcoming film is about, he says that it is a pure commercial and mass movie. “There’s a lot of high energy in the character that I will be playing. There are also some brilliant scenes in the movie, which according to me have never been seen in the Indian film industry before,” he says.

Prod him further and he thinks for a moment and says, “The movie has action in it. The film will show to what extent a man can go when it comes to sacrifice.” He adds quickly that he is very excited about the script and wants to hold on to other details till later.Sriimurali says that he trusts his team to decide the projects for him.

 “I don’t take a call on any project first hand. I have a team which works for me and I trust their decision wholeheartedly.” He confesses with a smile, “I’m horrible at selecting scripts. I’m very bad at it!”