Many striking doctors report back for duty

Many striking doctors report back for duty

Many striking doctors report back for duty

A day after health services were crippled with hundreds of government doctors going on strike, the situation was near normal in major hospitals in the City on Tuesday. 

Most doctors resumed work, though it was a hectic day for them as they had patients coming in large numbers. Many patients returned unattended to on Monday as specialists were on strike. They came back on Tuesday hoping to find aid. 

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday invited the striking doctors for talks to discuss their demands and problems. “I have invited the doctors for a meeting at 3:30 pm on Wednesday. Health Minister U T Khader will also be present. I would like to advise them that going on strike is not an option, let us both discuss by sitting across the table,” said Siddaramaiah.

The striking doctors had submitted their resignations. Siddaramaiah said their resignations would not be accepted and that a consensus would be reached by Wednesday. 

“Khader spoke to the doctors on Tuesday morning. I will also speak to them. It must be remembered that if the doctors do not give proper care, people will curse the government and the doctors,” he said.

On Tuesday, patients thronged the opthalmic, psychiatry, ENT, dental and paediatrics departments at K C General Hospital at Malleswaram, where just six of the 48 doctors worked on Monday. 

Ganga (name changed) told Deccan Herald: “I came here yesterday (Monday) as I had ear pain. I was told by the receptionist that there were no specialists. So I had to go home and come today.”

Many doctors of Jayanagar General Hospital and C V Raman Nagar Hospital in the City resumed work. However, the dental department at C V Raman Nagar Hospital saw a long queue of patients awaiting treatment on Tuesday.

Khader said: “We are unable to verify the veracity of these resignations. For example, from Mangalore, we have received two resignation letters from the same doctor. Some others have not given their resignation letters with proper signatures, which leads to speculation that they may be forged.”