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Jason Sheperd has nothing against movies, only that the upcoming blockbuster, Big Fat Liar, is based on stolen paper, penned by him!
It seems that Hollywood producer Marty Wolf has a penchant for stealing ideas, even from kids.
When the two meet head-on in a little accident on the road, Jason’s English paper, which was due that very day, falls into the shady producer’s hands.
Now Jason’s got no paper to show his angry teacher and parents. And one dishonest producer is making himself rich because of it.
This is war — even if it means going to Hollywood hell and back, to win.

Game of luck and chances
Vegas Revolution airs on Discovery Travel and Living at 9 pm on December 30.  Live the extravagant life for an hour while Vegas Revolution explores why Vegas now boasts the best shopping outside of New York and Hong Kong and why many travellers come here for the high-end designers instead of the high-stakes game of chance.

Best underwater stories
BREATH-TAKING Take an underwater adventure of discovery on Dive Caribbean with world free-diving champion Tanya Streeter. Diving in the world’s second largest barrier reef, Tanya reveals the best marine wildlife stories from the waters of Belize. Meeting mermaids, eagle rays and crocodiles lost at sea, the world champion unlocks the mysteries of the deep as she dives 40m into the depths of Belize’s Blue Hole — an underwater window into the Caribbean past that is only now beginning to reveal its deepest and darkest secrets. Dive Caribbean airs at 9 pm on Animal Planet.

An interesting twist 
Sukh By Chance airs on December 30 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. The fake Mohan Mehta is exposed by Mohan Bhai, Aakash and Tina. They manage to nab him before he escapes and takes the money back home. The preparations for the new year party are in full swing.
Rajni bakes a cake from the ingredients available in the house, while Sarla stitches clothes in the 1960s style for everyone. Kokila decorates the Tulsi plant like a
Christmas tree while the whole family welcomes the new year with song and dance. While everyone is celebrating the arrival of the new year, Sarla gets the eye attack again and falls down. Tina sees Sarla’s state and is shocked.

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