Tribal girls hostel needs facilities

Tribal girls hostel needs facilities

Tribal girls hostel needs facilities

Thithimathi tribal girls hostel is woefully short of basic amenities. The hostel is managed by the ITDP. There are 45 students from fifth to tenth standard in the hostel and is situated on the main road in Thithimathi. 

The building leaks during monsoon. To construct a first floor, the asbestos sheets have been removed three years ago. Nirmithi Kendra is entrusted with the responsibility to construct the first floor of the hostel. 

“The Nirmithi Kendra had constructed a fort like structure above the present building. Without proper curing, theconstructed structure collapsed. With the leaking roof, the inmates have to spend their night during monsoon. Marks of water that has dried on the wall and roof appear to be proof enough of the bad condition,” said the students. 

The students say the leaks occur too often in the rainy season, to their discomfort. As a result, many students who have gone to their houses have not returned to the hostel.

The beds given by the government to be distributed among students are lying on the corner of a room. The pillows, blankets and bed sheets are locked in a room.  The students still sleep on the old bedsheets. The doors of the toilets do not have latches. No nutritious food is supplied to the inmates. 

However, the documents show that benefits have been supplied. The poor condition of the hostel was noticed during ZP Standing Committee (Social Justice) President Bond Ganapathy’s visit to the hostel recently. 

He said that the facilities from the government is not reaching the beneficiaries and took the officials to task.