Police making efforts to bring peace in Trilokpuri

Police making efforts to bring peace in Trilokpuri

Police making efforts to bring peace in Trilokpuri

Life was returning back on track in East Delhi's violence-hit Trilokpuri area with prohibitory orders being relaxed for entire day and police making efforts to reach out to residents to bring people from both the communities together for religious functions.

Prohibitory orders were relaxed from 7 AM to 6 PM in the area. Police, however, was not taking things lightly and has geared up to see off the last day of the temporary religious structure tomorrow when it would be fold up after a function.
Similar efforts were being taken up for procession of Muharram which would be carried out on November 4.

In a bid to bring the two communities closer, police was making efforts to encourage members of Muslim community to serve Prasad during the Hindu religious ceremony tomorrow while Hindus to guard the route of Muharram procession and also to serve water to the devotees.

In an effort to bring the communities together once again and establish peace in the area police today initiated interactive sessions in various blocks of Trilokpuri during which senior officers including the Joint Commissioner of Eastern Range, Sanjay Beniwal and Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Ajay Kumar spoke to the residents in order to connect with them at the ground level.

"The face to face interactions were today held at worst affected 21, 28, 27 and 15 blocks. We aim to build confidence through such interactions. A campaign is also being started on WhatsApp to maintain peace and harmony in the area.

"We have also asked residents to nominate one volunteer each from their block who will constantly remain in touch with senior officials and work as a bridge among the authorities and the locals," said a senior police official.

All sessions ended with national anthem in order to instill a sense of oneness and patriotism among the residents of the area.

All the Station House Officers of the area have also been asked to regularly interact with residents and find out issues and problems they are facing and to take measures to resolve them.

"The issue at hand has to be dealt with patiently. It's not just power or fear which can be used to get things done but you also need to spread the message of peace through love," said Joint Commissioner of Police (Eastern Range) Sanjay Beniwal.