Steak your claim

Steak your claim

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Steak your claim

The Grub Pot in Kalyan Nagar some great choices for steaks and Continental food. Jayant and Subendu, two close friends, decided to open this eatery to offer pastas, steaks, and burgers at a reasonable price. The ingredients, including the sauces, are made in-house and that makes it special. 

You would find either Jayant or Subendu at the restaurant any time of the day. “The idea is to offer personalised service and we look into what goes inside the kitchen all the time, to make sure that the quality is not compromised. In fact, we explain to our customers that a steak for instance will take nothing less than 30 minutes because everything is cooked fresh,” explains Subendu. 

Jayant says that the two of them decided to start the restaurant because they found that there weren’t too many places serving authentic continental, Italian, burgers and steaks at a reasonable price. “The vegetables, meat and all the ingredients are brought fresh and even our cooks have specialised in making a particular dishes,” shares Jayant. 

Some of the must-try dishes are the ‘traditional chicken salami salad’ that is served in narrow stripes, green vegetables like colour bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, crispy ice burg, lettuce mixed with chicken salami and egg mayonnaise with a sprinkle of paprika powder. The ‘classic chicken burger’ is presented with a twist. “It has chicken mince patty lightly spiced topped with chicken salami slices and fried egg. It is served with garlic mayo and spicy mustard,” explains Subendu.  

Next is the ‘fish burger’ served with lime mayo. It has crispy pieces of shredded basa fish with garlic lime mayo sauce and onion. The ‘spicy chicken Mexicana hot dog’ comes with chicken sausages, mixed with butter beans, onions, jalapenos, colour bell pepper and mushroom’s spicy mexicana salsa topped with cheddar cheese.

 The ‘Mexican chicken steak’ is a juicy full chicken leg served with spicy bell pepper salsa and the ‘Caribbean chicken fillet steak’ that is grilled boneless chicken fillet served in a tangy Caribbean style sauce are a few dishes that is not to be missed out on. The ‘Grub Pot’ is located in HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar. For details, call 9741802414.