On journey of self-discovery

On journey of self-discovery

We all live until we keep on breathing, that is why the phrase/idiom ‘till the last breath’ is used very often by us in our day to day life. However, we tend to forget a very important fact that the body remains alive so long as the soul resides in it.

The presence of the soul automatically sustains the functioning of the body so much so that the breathing process continues even while the man is in deep sleep. Hence, in actual sense, it is the soul that performs all its activities through the body.

When the soul leaves the body, the event is called ‘death’. Then it is said: ‘The light has gone’ or ‘the soul has departed’. After death, decomposition starts in the body and it begins to emit foul smell after sometime, due to which the body is disposed of in different ways by different people.

In short, the body has value and significance so long as the soul is in it. Just as electrical appliances are useless without the supply of electric current, the body is completely ineffective without the soul.

Today, we all identify ourselves with the body that we have acquired because we are unaware about the immortal entity called ‘soul’, which resides within us and functions through our body.

This ignorance about the existence of soul thus results in ‘body-consciousness’ or worldly approach towards life, as a result of which throughout our life we struggle to improve our condition of life without understanding the fact as to why the physical and mental conditions and environments of two individuals differ widely right from the time of their birth.

We get baffled by human sufferings and untimely deaths on a mass-scale caused by natural calamities, terrorism, violence and wars due to which we constantly fear for our death all the time. In this whole merry go round, we fail to realise that unless these basic aspects of life are rightly understood, the body-conscious approach is bound to be there.
Considering one’s physical existence as the ‘be all and end all’ of everything results in man’s adopting wrong values in life which in turn leads to his committing wrong acts and consequently causes suffering to him.

No wonder, in spite of striving hard, he is unable to avoid sorrow and sufferings in life. Hence in order to live a peaceful, contented, happy and liberated life, proper knowledge of one’s real ‘self’, i.e., the soul, its functioning and its role in the world drama is a ‘must’. So, start some soul-searching from now onwards and embark on a
wonderful journey of self-discovery.​