Unseasonal rain: Farmers in trouble

Unseasonal rain: Farmers in trouble

The district has been experiencing cloudy weather for the last 15 days. What was started as a drizzling on Saturday, led to heavy rains drenching the coffee on Sunday and Monday. Owing to the unseasonal rains, there is all possibility of paddy harvest getting sprouted if the water continues to remain in paddy field for another two days. Farmers said: “Even cattle do not eat the spoiled hay stack (due to rain).

Last year one bundle of hay was costing Rs 5. However, this year, no trader will come forward to purchase the hay.”

“The cost of production of paddy is also on rise. We will not get good yield due to untimely rain. If the situation continues, we will grow either ginger or banana instead of paddy next year,” said another farmer.

Owing to the shortage of labourers, the coffee beans have started getting dry in the plant itself. On the other hand, owing to the rain, coffee beans have started withering. If the fallen coffee is not plucked, then there is all possibility of berry borer attacking the plant.
Arabica is fetching good price in the international market. However, the growers in Kodagu could not enjoy the rise in price.

The grower had dreamt of repaying the loans. However, rain has played spoil sport following which the farmer can not ask compensation from the government. “In the last monsoon, 30 per cent of coffee harvest was lost while ginger got spoiled and banana plants were destroyed. We had applied for compensation. Unfortunately, we have not received a single pie,” said Keerthi Muthanna.