Bollywood still lures Sarod brothers

Bollywood still lures Sarod brothers

Amaan and Ayaan, the sons of Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and former danseuse Subhalakshmi Barua Khan, were slated to make their big screen debut in a romantic action drama by J P Dutta of “Border” and “Refugee” fame, but the project was aborted due to financial problems.

The brothers kept off their public performances for more than a year under instruction from Dutta, who wanted to reduce their public appearances till the film was released, but now they are back in action, performing in public again.

“It (the Dutta film) was a bad and a sad experience. This is our first failure venture, and we had a very bitter experience,” Amaan, the elder sibling, told Deccan Herald.

But as Ayaan puts it, both the brothers are keen to act in films despite what he terms as “the ugliest experience” for them.

“We are open to film offers, because of the time and energy we have put in to prepare for the aborted project. We just won’t let it go waste,” he says.

“But we are not for doing films as an alternative career, but more as a creative flirtation,” he says, as both brothers point to classical music greats featured in their book who have acted in films without compromising on their music.