When art empowers a noble cause

When art empowers a noble cause

Canvas Calling

Art undoubtedly a medium to express one’s thoughts and expressions, is also a means of dialogue between the artist and the audience. And what  can be better than when this dialogue serves a noble cause too. 

Giving a platform to budding talents and also supporting established artists, Arts Unlimited has organised an exhibition entitled‘Great Masters of Europe in High Renaissance’, curated by Poonam Rana and Iqbal Krishna.

“We believe in expanding the horizon and providing a worthy platform to budding artists who can display their artworks infront of the world and make a mark for themselves. We also support those artists, who due to their modest financial backgrounds, are not able to show their creative side to the world. We strongly believe that art is for all,” Rana said .

The exhibition has on display artworks of 10 artists, including Subrata Ganguly, Poonam Rana, Jamal Ahmed and R Yogeshwar.

Rana who also shares space at the exhibition with other artists says, “I have exhibited three paintings – Rejoice My Surrounding, Rejoice Myself and Rejoice My Love. And all three of them have a similar theme, i.e., happiness. I have shown flora, fauna and my surroundings on my canvas, because they all signify happiness,” said the artist who hails from Pune and has been painting since the past 15 years.

“Art is nothing but expression. We as the most evolved creatures of this universe are in a continuous dialogue – at times with our ownselves and often with those around us.

So, the purpose of opening an art gallery was to provide a platform to artists who can showcase their artworks and meet and interact with other artists of India. This also aims to provide an exchange programme to those who want to work in different countries,” added the curator.

The exhibition, ‘Great Masters of Europe in High Renaissance’ is on till November 9, at the Lalit Kala Akedemy, Rabindra Bhawan, from 11 am – 7pm.