Barrels sent to pvt refinery

Barrels sent to pvt refinery

The decision by the KSPCB, on late Tuesday evening, is an outcome after ‘Ramky’s,’ the company running the hazardous waste treatment plant (HWTP) at Dabaspet on Tumkur road, refused to take in the harmful chemical. The Century refinery at Hoskote is the only incinerator in the State to handle chemical waste, KSPCB sources said.

The sources in the KSPCB had warned that the decision to send the barrels to Dabaspet would be more dangerous and would lead to more controversy, as the site does not possess any facilities to incinerate them as per the Hazardous Waste Management Rules. The early test of the chemical, according to M S Goudar, member-secretary, KSPCB, contained helium-based catalyst, which is highly inflammable.

“The HWTP at Dabaspet is set up only for the hazardous waste material, which can be landfilled. But this chemical being hazardous even to the landfill, should be incinerated after due procedure ,” said an official source. According to the rules, even transportation of this chemical without facilities is a violation of rules and is liable for prosecution.

Public opposition
In addition to this, the public protest against the hazardous waste disposal unit at Dabaspet was growing. Submissions to the Lok Adalat were also made by some experts stating that the unit situated on the downstream connects the catchment area of Thippagondanahalli.

The effluent from the unit has contaminated the ground water, as well as the water flowing in to Thippagondanahalli reservoir.