A career in selling brands and products

A career in selling brands and products

A career in selling brands and products

The concept of franchising is catching up in a big way in the country right now.

The systems and processes required to ideate, promote and implement a successful franchising business is still in its nascent stages, but it is growing at a steady rate. With hordes of products and services in the offering, consumers today want a tested and trusted brand for which franchising is necessary. With amateur entrepreneurs across the country tasting success in a huge fashion, the demand for setting up an established franchise is increasing. 

Building a network

The franchising industry comprising of marketing franchisees or broker associates is very new to the career scenario. The main job here is to sell the products or services offered by a company to the target customers. With retail being the order of the day, franchising has great potential currently.Franchising is very similar to setting up a new business and comes with many advantages. It exposes you to different products, services and brands in varied cities while encouraging entrepreneurship in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. It takes you places and builds a network. 

However, there are certain essential aspects to be considered before taking up franchising like risk factor, efficient planning and execution, ability to sustain, management of funds, relationship with the franchisor, acceptance and adaptability to the IT system and expansion plans.

Although India has a huge potential for aspiring entrepreneurs, the lack of resources, orthodox notions and the risk factor are creating hurdles. Fortunately, the central government is taking initiatives to counter these problems. Through cheaper loans, trainings and subsided start-up costs, the government is ensuring quality entrepreneurship. 

But not everyone can enjoy the benefits of these facilities. It can be only be availed by aspirants with strong financial background as only a certain strata of the society can afford to bear the financial risks of a start-up.

Considering the drawbacks of the initiative taken by the government, there are a few companies that have come up with a lucrative and remarkable concept of marketing franchisees and broker associates. These concepts involve lesser risks and more opportunities of minting money. It is a business opportunity with minimum investment and maximum commissions.

Basically, it is a direct selling concept which has been enhanced to suit the entrepreneurial streak of the youth today. Through this opportunity, the prospective entrepreneurs could take up the sales franchise of the products or services of a particular brand, leveraging the corporate support services of the same. Through these concepts, they can find more ways to sell and also make a handsome amount of money as compared to their salaried counterparts.

Apart from the high-earning potential, what makes this career opportunity more attractive is the fact that as a broker associate or marketing franchisee, one commands the status of a company representative and not just a neighbourhood sales agent. These opportunities are ideal for people who are looking to make a low-risk transition from a regular job to a business complemented with a solid learning curve.  

You also need to take the Indian market into consideration before plunging into franchising. For example, you need to take this field up full-time as it has more chances of success when compared to when you take it up as a part-time job. Education requirements depend on the type of business – certain knowledge or training programmes could be of great help in this case.

There are various sectors in which one can open up their franchise in India. In the small scale industry, it is the food and apparel sectors, in the big scale industry scenario – it is education, hotel and hospitality sectors. But every field, be it education or food, requires thorough planning. So, ensure you have solid strategies to guide you through the process. Strong financial support complements your franchising ambitions especially in the initial phases. 

Franchising demands clearly defined goals, a strong financial base and an ambitious drive and in the end, it will reward you in a great manner.